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Welcome to Florecold Ltd.

In a flourishing business, it is common practice to nurture excellence. This is our motto here at the Florecold Industry. Our goal is to maximize customer satisfaction. The Florecold Industry Ltd family has always coupled innovation with quality designed to serve our clients better in every possible way. Florecold Industry Ltd takes pride in projecting itself as a company that holds expertise in the arena of refrigeration although we provide solution and counseling in various other associated fields.

At Florecold Industry Ltd, we not only do our best to provide you skilled and professional services in the domain of refrigeration but also cater for your cooling needs. Besides working with all air conditioning systems, we deal as much in the solar heating system as in the cooling/refrigerating system including domestic, marine and industrial refrigeration. Our workshops are equipped with the latest technology for better production and higher level of outputs. We manufacture our own insulated panels and pipe isolation by using the method of polyurethane injection. Alongside we construct insulated bodies for trucks and vans cut to meet individual customer's requirements. Florecold Industry Ltd also undertakes precision and engineering metal works.

We are environment friendly through the use of NH3 (ammonia) in building refrigeration units.

Metal Sheet Work
Refrigeration panels
Polyethylene Boxes